"I've developed my own method of facilitating workshops – live music composing. It combines a bit of acting practice, a bit of social interaction and tons of different music experience. I mix intuitive singing, spontaneous gestures, body percussion and rhythm inventing with improvised music forming, counterpoint, harmony and balance control. Every time this magic process leads to and ends with a complete music piece composed by all workshop participants.

The method works with different groups, and could be led even without speaking words. No matter if they're 6-7 years old primary school pupils, teenage future professionals, music teachers or joint boards of a big corporation – we all can make music together. Below you can find photos, videos and, of course, music from these sessions."


"Creativity and improvisation – this is what you hear if asked about key factors in every music teacher day-to-day work. But these skills are rarely developed enough in formal teacher education. My method can easily support your professional progress and enhance both, not only music creativity and group work, but also self-esteem and leadership."


"My method can be also used in business areas. Music is a universal medium for creativity boost and out-of-box thinking. I have a broad experience in corporate workshops, starting with music making with the 500 people large conference audience up to rap song creating with some big brand board members. Music works everywhere."


"I started working with young future music professionals as my first and most natural environment. That's how I made it through Polish National Youth Orchestra educational program and gave a series of workshops in music schools around Poland. Later this program was also adopted in Brazil and Germany, where it became clear that modern professional music education needs to include improvisation and live composing.

The future is uncertain. But in order to be prepared, musically prepared, we need to provide our pupils and students as diverse and creative training as possible. I believe my work aims exactly this goal."



New ways in Classical Music - Encore 2019

Thirty-one artists from all around the world meet for the first time in Berlin, and after two full days of innovative training and workshops they are showcasing with an improvisation. 🎻😍Brought to you by JM International - JMI, in partnership with JM Deutschland. Supported by Creative Europe, Politique scientifique fédérale / Federaal Wetenschapsbeleid, junge norddeutsche philharmonie (jnp) and IDAGIO

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